Excellence in journalism is not just another need in India. It is a pre-requisite for a healthy democracy. But what does excellence in journalism entail – mass circulation, well-paid journalists, even better-paid ad sales team, high ratings for television news programmes. Or is there a different way in which excellence can be defined? Independent media, accuracy in reporting, fairness in treatment, mindfulness of the diversity that marks the country, respect for privacy and a desire to shine the light at not merely those in the arc lights, but those in the crevices and cracks. Excellence in journalism is easier defined than practised. It is not a cookie cutting job amenable to metrical understandings of industrial quality assessments. But the need for excellence in journalism is just as much if not greater.

JM Foundation for Excellence in Journalism is dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism, which implies independence of journalism that is practised in the public interest, accuracy and fairness in reportage, and respect for the conscience of journalist. It is committed to promoting a more engaged public by ensuring that journalism in all its forms leads to debate and discussion at different levels in the country. It seeks to promote excellence through education, research and archiving.


We are a section 25 (not-for-profit) company incorporated under the Companies Act. 1956. We are registered as a charitable institution under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, and are registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax. We are non-partisan and independent and are not affiliated with any body corporate. JM stands for Journalism Mentor. For more information, please click here.


The JM Foundation for Excellence in Journalism is an Institutional Member of the International Communication Association and an affiliate member of the Association for Education in Mass Communication and Journalism.